How to change default DNS address?

By | July 26, 2017

How to change default DNS address?: A domain name server is just like a phone book. The only difference is that the DNS keeps track of the internet addresses. However, have you ever wondered if you can change default DNS address? If yes, how? The answers to all those questions are in the article down below. It is a massive database of internet domain names along with their corresponding addresses. Having so many things to it, you might have already realized how big a system it is. It is a networked computer system which is kept up to date all the time.

How to change default DNS address?

Before coming to the process to change default DNS address, we should know more about the DNS address. Whenever you make a request to the network, it is necessary for the computer to know where the domain is located. Well, how come the computer gets the information? The answer is, through DNS. The DNS contains all the domain names and that is the reason why the computer sends a request to DNS. The DNS finds the domain name and it responds with the domain’s numeric IP address. The computer then, in turn, connect to that numeric IP address and serves you the web page.

Any Internet service provider would provide its own DNS. The settings of the server are also pre-configured via DHCP. However, it is never necessary for you to use your ISP’s DNS. There are plenty of publicly available servers which might please you more than the default.

Steps to change default DNS address in Windows 10.

1. Click to open “control panel” first.

2. You would find an option called “View Network status and tasks”. Click on that option.

3. After opening, the left portion of the window would have a “Change adapter settings” option. You would need to click on it.

4. Double click on the icon to find the Internet connection you are using.

5. After the window is opened, click on the button named “properties”.

6. Click on Internet Protocol version 4. Again, click on the properties.

7. The new window which will open will have the option “Use The following DNS server addresses”. If the option is not selected already, select it.

8. Enter your new DNS address and click on Ok. After that, close all your Windows.

Steps to change default DNS address in macOS.

1. In the upper left-hand corner, you will find an Apple menu. Click on that and then on “System Preferences”.

2. The menu which “System Preferences” would provide would be long. Among all of them, select “Network”.

3. In the network menu, check if the correct network device is highlighted on the left side of the window WiFi. After that, click on “Advanced”.

4. After the advanced menu is open, click on the DNS button. Clicking on the DNS button would let you have the DNS settings.

5. On the left side again, you will see your current DNS address. In case you need to return it to default, note it down somewhere.

6. Underneath a left-hand pane, you will find a minus button. This would allow removing the highlighted addresses from the list. One by one, highlight each one of those addresses and delete them.

7. After removing all of them, the list will be empty. You can then click the add button and add a new empty address. To change the empty address, click on it to highlight it and then edit. Click on the “enter” button when you are done editing. This is one of the essential steps to change default DNS address.

8. Add a secondary address following the same process.

9. Click “ok” to save the settings.

10. Lastly, click on apply to apply your new settings and enjoy.

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