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How to Set DHCP Reservations?

How to Set DHCP Reservations?: Have you looked at your computer’s IP address every time there’s a necessity, can be very tiresome. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you never had to check your IP again? Presenting to you, how to set DHCP reservations on your router so that the IP address does not change ever.… Read More »

How to change default DNS address?

How to change default DNS address?: A domain name server is just like a phone book. The only difference is that the DNS keeps track of the internet addresses. However, have you ever wondered if you can change default DNS address? If yes, how? The answers to all those questions are in the article down… Read More »

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Using Ping Command to test your connection to WiFI Router

Did you know that using ping command to test WiFi connection is a very helpful feature? You must have had bad experiences with your WiFi connection. There might have been times when you had to call ISP support. Even after calling, all they will say is that everything is fine and there are some internal… Read More »

Dynamic DNS Router- How to configure?

Configuring a dynamic DNS router is very essential. It allows you to identify your PC by a simple domain name. If you don’t configure dynamic DNS router, you would have to remember a difficult number to identify your PC. The dynamic DNS is also known as DDNS. It is a system of updating a name… Read More »

Security Actions- How to filter MAC Address?

Security Actions- How to filter MAC Address?- If you want to control access to the network based on the MAC address, to filter MAC address is the only option. Before going to details about how to filter MAC address, we should know more about it. MAC address stands for Media access control address. Just like… Read More »

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How to solve router problems (DIY)?

How to solve router problems (DIY)?– As we all know, one of the best features of the router is its connectivity. No matter what device you are using, if you have a WiFi in it, you can connect to the router wirelessly. But definitely, there are many router problems out there which many faces. This… Read More »

How to setup a Virtual Server on your WiFi Router (NAT)?

How to setup a Virtual Server on your WiFi Router (NAT)?- Many of the businesses nowadays use a NAT router to manage many computers on a single IP address. Due to the growing popularity, it is essential to setup a virtual server on your WiFi router. How to setup a Virtual Server on your WiFi… Read More »

Improving WiFi connection Performance

Is trick for improving WiFi connection performance something you have been looking for? There are certain factors which affect the performance of your Wi-Fi. To improve the Wi-Fi performance, you have to perform some actions that influence these several factors. The things you must do for improving WiFi connection performance ranges from changing the transmit… Read More »

192.168.l.254 IP Administration

The IP 192.168.l.254 is basically a specific and default IP address. It is the default IP but 192.168.l.254 IP administration is also possible. This is a specific IP address which is assigned by manufacturers of routers. It also plays a very big role in the hardware settings of their devices. For people who want to… Read More »