Improving WiFi connection Performance

By | July 3, 2017

Is trick for improving WiFi connection performance something you have been looking for? There are certain factors which affect the performance of your Wi-Fi. To improve the Wi-Fi performance, you have to perform some actions that influence these several factors. The things you must do for improving WiFi connection performance ranges from changing the transmit power to changing transmission channel. Everything which you can do to improve the performance of your Wi-Fi is listed below.

Improving WiFi connection Performance
In this article, we will see how to configure the parameters to have a better Wi-Fi performance. You can configure any of the commercial routers by following these standard modifications.

Improving WiFi connection performance

Before knowing about the modifications, it is necessary to know about how the performance of the Wi-Fi is. If the performance of the Wi-Fi is totally good as per the promises made by the company, there is nothing you can do to improve it.

Transmit power

The transmit power is the power which is used by the router to transmit signals. Basically, every router operates at a power of hundred percent. If your WiFi is not performing good, maybe you just have to isolate specific frequencies to some area. Managing the frequencies can be done by reducing the power of radio or preventing other interferences. There might be many interventions affecting the designated wireless area.

Enable WMM

WMM is used to maintain the priority of audio, video, and voice. It ensures the fact that applications which require better performance are given higher priority. For example, any application which is mainly based on video and audio will be given higher priority than FTP.
Enabling the WMM feature can help you in improving WiFi connection performance. When you are transmitting a multimedia content over a wireless connection, this would help you control latency. This is a very important feature which can help you better your Wi-Fi connection.

Improving WiFi connection Performance

Short GI

The guard intervals are the things which ensure that different transmissions don’t collide with each other. Guard intervals are basically spaces between characters being transmitted. According to the modulation and coding scheme, the short guard interval increases the data rate by 10-11%. These are one of the essential things which you should do for improving WiFi connection performance. xmodgames

IGMP snooping

IGMP snooping basically refers to the process of listening to the IGMP- Internet group management protocol. This prevents the hosts of a local network from receiving any sort of traffic from multicast groups. If they have not explicitly joined the multicast group, they would not be receiving traffic from it. This is a layer 2 optimization and is a protocol feature. Essentially, it is used for bandwidth-intensive applications like IPTV.

Partition of WLAN

If you enable WLAN partition, you will prevent associated wireless clients from direct contact. This means that no client can contact each other directly through WLAN.

Transmit Channel

A 2.4 GHz band is divided into a multitude of channels. Operators use these channels at higher power for long distance wireless access. If you enable the feature, there would be the absolute eradication of undesirable interferences.
But if you are more into improving WiFi connection performance of yours, disable the feature. Disabling this feature has always resulted in giving a better connection speed.

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