How to solve router problems (DIY)?

By | July 3, 2017

How to solve router problems (DIY)?– As we all know, one of the best features of the router is its connectivity. No matter what device you are using, if you have a WiFi in it, you can connect to the router wirelessly. But definitely, there are many router problems out there which many faces. This article is totally based on telling you how to solve router problems.

Good WiFi router gone bad isn’t actually a bad router. Maybe because of the usage and the capability of the routers, it is not working fine. That definitely does not mean that it is a bad router. You can customize the router to make it better or even just like new one.

How to solve router problems (DIY)?

The problems which a WiFi router can face can be many. It can be a problem such as flaky connection to a problem such as no Internet connection at all. However, to solve router problems, you should have a knowledge of troubleshooting which could fix things up. Many Internet service providers are handing out combined router-modem units. It means that your Wi-Fi router and your modem can be the same device. This is the reason why these troubleshooting tricks to solve router problems can also apply for modems.

Rebooting the router

To be honest, any of the technological devices has potential to be better after a restart. The lowly reboot of a wireless router is the main solution to many of the network problems you might be facing. Be it websites failing to load or be it the slow connection of internet, a reboot can definitely help you. If it is not a major issue, everything wrong with your router can be fixed by one reboot.
How to solve router problems (DIY)?
Sometimes, many of the routers need occasional reboots. The reboot process in all of the routers is same. You just have to unplug your router and wait a few seconds before plugging it again. Some may have the power switch, but this process works for all.

Check that the cables are securely connected

This might sound a little stupid but when we are tensed, small mistakes happen often. There may be situations where we accidentally remove a cable. Even if the cable is loose, the WiFi router won’t work properly. This is the reason why you should check the cables first, before moving on. Check if the power cables and the Ethernet cables are plugged into the back of the router.

Anyway, it can be connected loosely and it is better for you to reconnect them and hope for results.

Repositioning the router

If the problem is with your Wi-Fi signal, you can try repositioning your router. You must ensure that nothing is blocking the signal such as a large object or so. The microwaves in a signal can easily be blocked by metal objects.

If you don’t know, the router’s antenna should always be vertical rather than horizontal. If you want a large coverage of the area, it is compulsory to have the antenna vertical.


Try changing the wireless channel

If you are in the middle of many wireless routers, you will be subject to interferences. Signals some other wireless routers with the same frequency can affect your Internet. In such a case, you should determine your optimum wireless channel for your area. After that, you have to change your router to operate on that wireless channel and have a better wireless signal.

Check the firmware

If there is a firmware update for your router, do it. When you don’t have the updated firmware for your router, they might be many problems. One of them happens to be a malfunction. If you are into such a problem, you should access the router configuration software. The web page can be opened by entering the IP
After that, go to the Maintenance tab and click on the firmware. If there is any firmware update for you, you will be redirected to it. Download it and configure it with your router.

These were the tips to solve router problems and troubleshoot them.

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